Generator Installation

Neil came through. He reviewed the situation, got the materials and finished the job in an efficient and prompt manner.

– February 13, 2014; MG Khaleeli, President at American Traffic & Street Sign


Lighting Installation

Neil installed recessed light fixtures in my finished basement. He did a great job.

– February 13, 2014; Patrick Dundas, Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP


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Automatic Standby Backup Generators: Westchester, NY’s Electricians that Install Them

Preparation to mother nature’s or other power outage occurrences is number one to the installers of home standby generators. You need electricians that are experienced with the Westchester County climate to help give you the options that are powerful enough.


Standby Generators

Standby generators are permanently installed by licensed electricians and dealers of the products.  Generac® is a quality supplier that fine homes have trusted for decades.  Generac® standby generators are fueled with natural gas or liquid propane (LP), and installed on the exterior of your home next to your central air conditioning unit.


The connection for these professional units is hardwired directly into your home’s electrical system for instant sensor activated transfer of power source in the event of a power outage.  It is used in backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.


Marchi Electric is a licensed Dealer of these products and their installation.  We would be happy to come out and explain your options.


Automatic / Standby Operation

Home backup generators automatically start up automatically within seconds of sensor confirmation of a power outage – whether you’re at home or not. Restoration of power shuts the generator down automatically, as well.

Periodically during normal times, the generator will preform a diagnosed evaluation to allow for proper function at the time of need.


What size generator will best fit my home and family’s needs?

From keeping essentials powered, such as refrigerator / freezer, sump pump, security system, and a few lights, to the complete non-interruption of the entire home’s power will dictate the unit size.  Multiple sizes exist in the standby generators available today.


Our electricians will be happy to talk with you and understand your specific requirements. Then, we will recommend the most suitable generator solution.






In power outages, your comfort is so important to Marchi Electric that we became dealers of the best product available.



We also have Portable Generator Solutions.