Generator Installation

Neil came through. He reviewed the situation, got the materials and finished the job in an efficient and prompt manner.

– February 13, 2014; MG Khaleeli, President at American Traffic & Street Sign


Lighting Installation

Neil installed recessed light fixtures in my finished basement. He did a great job.

– February 13, 2014; Patrick Dundas, Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP


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Ice Damming is a problem in our Climate


We have a great fix.

In Westchester County, homeowners experience a winter condition called “ice damming”.  Ice dams are caused when weather conditions fluctuate between sunny days and very cold nights.


At the gutter line a ‘dam’ forms from the refreezing of the moisture trying to drip down.  Water above gets trapped and backs up under the shingles.  It can then penetrate walls, dripping down to levels below ending up in ceilings of the first floor.




It can be quite disastrous and should be prevented with effective corrective action. The best is the wire heat installation which removes the barrier of ice at the gutter line.


This taping element can be activated by you on site, or set up for remote switching, for a vacation home.




Whether it an emergency situation or a preventative one, call our experienced team of electricians to provide information based on other Westchester County home ice dam heat wire installation.  And to ensure your satisfaction, we will provide an estimate before starting any work.