Generator Installation

Neil came through. He reviewed the situation, got the materials and finished the job in an efficient and prompt manner.

– February 13, 2014; MG Khaleeli, President at American Traffic & Street Sign


Lighting Installation

Neil installed recessed light fixtures in my finished basement. He did a great job.

– February 13, 2014; Patrick Dundas, Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP


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Portable Backup Generators

Today’s options of quick emergency power are reasonable and reliable.  In our north-east climate, no home should be without a solution.


There are two options in providing this emergency energy solution, the portable or the automatic backup generator.  A portable one is fueled by gasoline and will generate electrical power for your home. Portable generators are a less expensive alternative to standby generators.


Manual Operation of Portable Generators

Set up of your portable emergency generators is required for each time it is needed. You’ll also need to make sure you have Gasoline on hand.  If you have worked with us and configured your portable generator for direct connection, you will need to turn off and on your transfer switch in which to avoid a power overload once the power is restored.


Portable emergency generators also require occasional testing and cleaning out to make sure they are operational in your time of need.


What should you look for in purchasing a portable generator?

Portable emergency generators can be purchased in multiple output sizes.  The standard uses of these non-stationary units is to power the home’s essentials such as, furnace, refrigerator, freezers, sump pump, security system, some lights and electrical outlets.


Our electricians are experienced with today’s innovations in the area of emergency power.  They would be happy to help you with your specific situation by explaining your options.


Your life should not suffer just because the power has gone out.


If you want a more permanent solution, see Standby Automatic Generators.